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Rick Tyler is a thought-provoking Political Analyst for the MSNBC Cable News Network offering a broad perspective to unfolding political events. Eschewing partisan spin, Rick gives his audience an unvarnished analysis of the meaning behind political posturing calling balls and strikes without regard to whose team strikes out. 

Rick always takes his audience on a tour-du-force through America’s political history and how political ideologies were formed and how they became associated with political parties. But Rick offers a counter-intuitive perspective on issues conventionally thought of as liberal or conservative like the environment or gun control. Rick convincingly shows how competing ideologies have served America well and why we must replace the current practice of vitriolic political division with robust healthy policy debates in order to maintain our leadership role on the world stage.

Still Right- David Jolly Quote 1.png

By Rick Tyler

Praise for STILL RIGHT


"Rick Tyler's Still Right reminds readers what real conservatives still believe and why those values will outlast Donald Trump and reverse the damage caused by his bloated budgets, record debts, and reactionary policies.” ―Joe Scarborough

"[A] jolt of common sense." --Publishers Weekly

“The Republican Party has become anti-conservative. Still Right exposes this truth by reminding us it’s not about saving the Republican Party but more about clarifying what conservatism is and isn’t. Rick Tyler offers a raw and incisive examination of why conservatism matters; and why it remains an important governing philosophy for those of us who are still right.” ―Michael Steele

"Rick Tyler has written a remarkable book that describes how the GOP threw overboard the conservatism of Ronald Reagan and John McCain. To read his crisp, lucid, straight-forward book is to rediscover what made the Republican Party great and why it's in need of a rebirth of principles." ―Donna Brazile

About the Author

RICK TYLER is a leading conservative political analyst for MSNBC offering his perspective on elections, news and unfolding political events.

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