about Rick Tyler

Author and Political Analyst

Rick Tyler

Rick Tyler is a thought-provoking conservative political analyst for the MSNBC Cable News Network offering a broad perspective to unfolding political events. Eschewing partisan spin, Rick gives his audience an unvarnished analysis of the meaning behind political posturing calling balls and strikes without regard to whose team strikes out.

A professional political strategist, Rick has helped hundreds of candidates prepare for the rigors of campaigning for public office. He is Co-Founder of Foundry Strategies, a strategic, communications consulting firm specializing in helping political and corporate clients reach their leadership potential by honing their communications skills.

Rick has trained thousands of candidates, citizens and public officials and their staffs in the United States and countries around the world including Canada, Italy, Greece, Japan and Israel to lead successful campaigns for elected office.

Rick has been invited to speak about his political and policy insights by many Conservative, non-partisan and professional groups, committees and state legislative caucuses. He was a guest lecturer at both the Institute for Politics at the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard, the Robert J. Dole Institute for Politics at the University of Kansas and is currently a guest lecturer at the Global Center for Political Engagement and The George Washington University.

A gifted communicator, Rick has appeared thousands of times on local, national and international news networks including: MSNBC; Fox News Channel; CNN; CBS News; NBC News; ABC News; PBS; HBO; CNBC; Fox Business; CBN; Bloomberg News; BBC; CBC; RTE and Al Jazeera.